It is amazing how one can lose track of time

t is amazing how one can lose track of time. We get rolling in our own life, our own routine, and then next thing you know a year has gone by, or maybe two. This is definitely the case with updating my website. So, let’s get up to speed on the past 18 months.
Now having fully stepped away from racing as a professional, I have been thoroughly enjoying staying in shape and becoming a recreational athlete. I am sure that most of you would not believe this, but over the past year, my priorities have changed and exercising is now for peace of mind and to stay healthy rather than to be in shape to compete. As running has always been my passion, this definitely takes first priority. I run whenever I can, and stay in decent enough shape to be able to pop into races here and there. Over the past couple of years this has included numerous Xterra Trail running races including the Xterra Trail Run World Championship in Hawaii, the Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon and most recently the Catalina Marathon. Getting out on the bike these days is now a luxury rather than a necessity, and paddle boarding has taken the place of swimming.

Do I miss competing in Ironman races? I can answer this with complete conviction when I say no, I do not. I feel like I have done everything I could have ever wanted in the sport of triathlon, had 18 great years of racing – so there are definitely no regrets in stepping away. This is when you know that you have made the right decision – when you can be at the swim start of an Ironman and feel the excitement, but be content with being a part of the excitement from the beach rather than in the water!!

Do I miss being in Ironman Shape – well of course! I miss the feeling your body has when it is in top shape. Needless to say, these days, things wobble a little more (OK a lot more) and the muscles are much less toned.

The past couple of years I have enjoyed working at the Ironman events, as the pro athlete liaison as well as the VIP Director. It is fun to be on the other side of the fence, and I now have a full appreciation as to the work that goes in to putting on a world class event. As athletes, we show up, we do our thing, and more times than not, we notice what wasn’t there rather than what was. Now I see the incredible attention to detail that goes into organizing an Ironman event.

I have also worked very closely with NEWTON RUNNING acting as their athlete liaison. It has been great, watching the NEWTON Running technology take shape and to see how it has been embraced in the running and triathlon communities. From the first time I tried Newton Shoes, I never went back. It has now been 4 years, and I have not run in regular shoe – I cannot imagine even trying. I appreciate Newton allowing me to continue to be a part of their team!

Some new projects on the horizon for me are:

  • Centurion Cycling is the new brain child of NA Sports founder Graham Fraser. The passion and insight that Graham had to bring Ironman racing to where it is today in North America, is now focused on revolutionizing cycling – enter CENTURION CYCLING. Look for great things to come. I encourage you to jump into a Centurion Event, I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!!! Check it out:
  • MOLOKAI 2 Oahu – Paddleboard race. Known in the paddling community as the World Championship event, has now teamed up with Epic Sports Foundation and PCH Sports Marketing to bring the event to another level. Try paddling 32 miles in some of the most difficult conditions you will ever encounter – that is what these guys do! Check out the website:

I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring – never a dull moment. Hopefully it will not be 18 months before I update again. Until then be safe!!