Happy Holiday

It is hard to believe the Christmas is just around the corner, and that the 2006 Season is coming fast. I have enjoyed these past couple of months since the Ford Ironman World Championships. It was quite clear after the race, that I needed to step away from things to gain some perspective and to give my body and mind some much needed rest. I have done just that.

I have always preached to the athletes that we coach that at the end of the season a person needs to get out of shape to get back into better shape. This is something that I strongly believe in but for some reason last season I never followed my own advice. After the 2004 Ironman Hawaii race, I was very jacked up and excited and never really took any time at the end of the season. I told myself that I was taking a break but now when I look back I really didn’t– by Christmas I had already done a few 5 hour rides, and I was doing interval runs. At the end of this season I promised myself that I would go back to the basics – take an extended break, and get out of shape. I have taken this to a whole new level, but have loved every minute of it.

During the two months since Ironman, I have tried to step away from the swim/bike/run of my everyday life and do some different things. I have played a few games of golf – I am truly awful, but I really enjoy it. Roch took me out on the paddleboard one day – I thought my arms were going to fall off!! We also went on our first true vacation – 2 weeks in Costa Rica with Huddle and Paula. We had an incredible time. The theme of the off-season continued. We kayaked a few times, went ATVing, Zip lining, and walking – yep I said walking!!! I have never been one to walk – I always said, I am either running or I am driving – I don’t walk anywhere. Since I wanted to take a break from running – Roch and I did some great walks and I now have an appreciation for it. You certainly are more aware of the things around you when you walk. I came back from the vacation with my batteries recharged and with a refreshing new outlook on things.

Now it is time to think about slowly stepping back into reality. I am going to continue to enjoy myself over the holiday season, and then start to get back into a regular routine. The key to starting back will be patience – I cannot try and rush getting back into shape. It will come – it might take a little longer than in the past but I know I will be stronger both physically and mentally.

As a little aside, please check out the Jan 2006 Issue of GLAMOUR magazine – on shelves now. I did a photo shoot for Ford and Timex and it is in the Jan 2006 Issue.

To everyone – have a wonderful holiday season. We will see you out at the races in 2006!!!

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