The 2005 Racing Season Kicks Off

Well the 2005 race season has officially kicked off in North America with the Ralph’s Half Ironman – on March 19th in Oceanside. I have raced this race every year, and fully planned to start my season off with this race. My body had other plans – a little hip injury had flared up and I needed to make the hard decision not to race. I could have kept training through and been ready to race but this might have been at the expense of racing later in the season. I had to remind myself that it was only March, and the most important race of the year is Hawaii in October. It really made no sense to push through this injury. I decided to take some time off of running and figure out what was going on with my hip and what I could do to make it better. I can say that after about 3 weeks of easier training and a great deal of body work etc, the injury seems to be a thing of the past. It is so nice to run again without the dull/nagging pain that I had been feeling for quite some time.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the race and I can honestly say that when the rain was coming down and the athletes were freezing on their bikes, I was happy that I was driving along in a car. This probably made my decision not to race much easier – had it been a perfect “sunny Southern California” day it would have been hard to be on the sidelines.

Now that I am back healthy, it looks like I will start my racing season with the Wildflower Half Ironman. But before my first race, I will head to Tempe Arizona to watch Ironman, do some more Ironman live stuff and generally support Roch and Huddle as they work their butts off preparing for this first year race. After putting a little bit of time behind the scenes, I have true appreciation for all that goes into putting on a successful race. As a participant , I show up do my race and head home, without any real concern for what goes on outside of my performance. For those that are putting these races on, the organizing starts the year before. I see how hard Roch and Huddle work on a daily basis getting these races set up and I count my lucky stars that I am still racing!!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone out at the races this year. My updated race schedule will be up soon.

Good luck to everyone racing Ironman Arizona – I will be out there cheering!!!!

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