Dannon Duathlon Championship Series

Well, I finally did a race this weekend after not having done one for over a month. It was the perfect way to do a race – one literally in my back yard. The Dannon Duathlon in Carlsbad, seemed like it would be the perfect tune up before heading to Lake Placid in two weeks. It was really nice to sleep in my own bed and then actually ride my bike to the race. It was the perfect warm-up a short 30 mins spin. I must admit it was great not to have to worry about a wetsuit and all of the nutritional planning that goes along with an Ironman.


The Duathlon was a 5km run/ 30km bike / 5km run – so nutrition was not going to play a factor. My only concern was whether or not my body was going to remember what it was like to have to run and bike that hard – it certainly was going to be a shock to the system. To my surprise everything felt really good on the first run – I felt like I was well within myself and was also happy that I was able to stay with Lucy and Michellie for the first run. My biggest fear was that I was going to be caught in no man’s land on the bike but luckily that didn’t happen. I must say that it really is a good thing that Ironman racing is my thing because man do my transitions SUCK!!! On each transition I lost at least 10 seconds to Lucy and Michellie – but then again, they are about as fast as it gets. The three of us rode together – I think that I did the least amount of work out of the group but really tried to at least take a few pulls. We all entered the bike-run transition together and imagine this but somehow when we left transition I was about 30 meters behind. I actually felt good on the second run and ended up catching up to Michellie at about 1.5-2 miles and ran steady the rest of the way – Lucy remained ahead and pulled away slightly. An attempt to try and reel her in would have emptied the tank – something that I did not want to do with only 2 weeks left until Lake Placid ( and realistically it probably would not have been possible – Lucy is one of the best runners in thesport – she always runs the second run almost as fast as the first run – something that is very hard to do!!!) We’ll I must say that I really enjoyed the race and was happy to find out that everything is on track for Lake Placid.
Keep posted as I will do some updates for the Lake Placid race.


Lucy Smith 1:28.26
Heather Fuhr 1:28.47
Michellie Jones 1:29.35
Dolly Ginter 1:32.36
Cecily Tynan 1:32.58

Greg Watson 1:18.56
Chad Kozak 1:19.37
Eric Schwartz 1:20.23
Derek Kite 1:20.43
Kyle Marcotte 1:21.25

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